Support Surbhi to live her dream

Support Surbhi to live her dream

INR 90,000.00

raised of INR 40,000.00 goal

Risham Thakur is a Volunteer of the beneficiary.

Surbhi, is HIV+ve and it doesn't matter, neither to her nor her dreams. 

Surbhi and I picked up random books from the shelves of Bombay to Barcelona cafe at Marol Mumbai, grabbed a table and started to chat. She opened a page in the book. And as she started to read aloud, she stopped and said, "Listen to what this says, didi." 

The line she read out said, "She was a smart girl and a good lawyer too." 

I could hardly believe my ears. Why ?

Because Surbhi wants to be a lawyer.

I first came to know about Surbhi from Amin at Bombay To Barcelona Library Cafe, Marol. In my subsequent meetings with her at the cafe, her home and while finding the right coaching institute for her, I got to know her more.

She had completed her B.A. (Arts)  and wants to be a lawyer. So that she  can help the oppressed, be a source of knowledge for others and make a difference. For her, to have picked that book, opened that page and read that very line, is an omen for me to help her achieve this dream. 

This fund raiser is to sponsor her coaching class for preparation of Maharashtra CLAT'18 that is scheduled in June'18.

Surbhi's family sustains on a limited monthly income of single member. She has the zeal and passion to achieve her dreams. All she needs is a little support. 

The funds will be used to pay the coaching institute directly for her 3 months' classes and cover her related expenses of travel, stationary and entrance examination enrollment. 

Amin - Thanks for introducing me to such a courageous, positive and beautiful girl. I still remember when I first met you at Bombay to Barcelona Library Cafe, Marol and asked if I could do anything at all, you selflessly without thinking for a moment, mentioned about her to me. 

Rahul - Thanks for agreeing, without a second thought, to make time for putting together this video with all your heart. 

Rohit - Thanks for creating the soulful background music composition and agreeing to use it for this heart warming story. 

Location - Thanks BTBLC team for allowing us to put together the story at your beautiful cafe .

Please come forward and support Surbhi by sharing her story with your family, friends and contributing to her education fund. For any additional queries, please reach out at (email hidden).